Why Use Single Invoice Financing

A new approach to working capital funding for growing businesses

Use it only when you need it. You choose the invoices.


Straightforward paperwork. No guarantees or security.


Set-up is free. Pay only for the money you use, when you use it.


Funds with you as fast as the next working day

How it works

Four simple steps

Set-up with Tinderbox - quick and simple

Tell us about your company and customers. No charge. No commitment.

Choose the invoices you want to use

We'll confirm they are suitable and agree charges with you.

Execute the transaction

Funds sent straight to your account. You keep the customer relationship.

Your customer pays the invoice amount to Tinderbox

We pass on the balance less fees and charges to you.

Can we use it?

We work with growth-focused businesses. We look for potential, so you can be young as long as you are growing. You don’t need to be profitable right now but you do need to be earning good gross margins. We are able to work with limited companies and partnerships with revenues of at least £250,000 this year.

We cover a wide range of industries and sectors. Sectors we particularly like include high value manufacturing, software and services, technology, healthcare products and services, consulting and professional services, media (film, TV, digital), marketing and PR, and distribution. Otherwise we have no formal sector bias, except that we do not deal with construction-related businesses.

Our minimum size for end customers is £10m in sales for the last financial year. Your customers can be public or private businesses. They may also be government departments and agencies, NHS or other public sector bodies, or other not-for-profit entities.