"Tinderbox is a new approach to working capital funding for growing businesses."

John Holden, Founder & CEO

At Tinderbox we believe that access to working capital funding should be easier, much easier. Instead for many growing businesses it can be a real brake on progress. Tinderbox exists to help you unlock the capital in your invoices and put it to work in your business.

John Holden - Founder & CEO

John Holden

John Holden has been involved in venture capital for 20 years. After starting his career in the City, in 1995 he joined 3i, working in Bristol, Reading and London. In 2000 he joined the UK technology group, focusing on the UK technology portfolio. More recently, he was a director at Imperial Innovations, the listed venture investor in technology and healthcare businesses, where he was a member of the Investment Committee and a director of the FCA-authorised subsidiary.

In 2013 John set up Tinderbox to support growing businesses with working capital funding. He believes strongly in the importance of innovative and growing companies to the health of the UK economy, and sees innovation in working capital funding as a long term unmet need for these companies.

What people say about us

We were invoicing our largest customer for some major orders, but the pattern of payments didn’t match our own outgoings. Tinderbox helped us match them up and considerably extend our cash runway. Working with Tinderbox gave us the time to expand our business, and to raise a large investment round on good terms.

Ron Petersen, Investor Director, Ambicare Health

At a time when sales were really beginning to take off, we had some important things to do to which needed to be paid for. The team at Tinderbox were quick to help us, funded us on a confidential basis, and got us over the hump. We have now gone past breakeven and are cash positive as we grow, thanks in part to Tinderbox.

Patrick Newton, Chairman, Client Company

As a major investor in early stage companies we have introduced a number of our companies to Tinderbox. They have been quick to respond and their ability to understand what matters to our companies and to us as an investor is a great advantage.

Andrew Muir, Director, Midven

From the Finance Director’s perspective this is a really useful funding option: flexible, transparent and quick to access. And not just good for managing cash-flow peaks and troughs, but also as a way to proactively drive growth.

Jerry Davison, Managing Director, SouthWest FD

Working capital funding is always an issue for early stage companies like the ones our angel investors support. Tinderbox has something we think could really help them and others like them.

Philip Tellwright, Managing Director
South West Angel and Investor Network